Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beauty and the Beast of Acne

Although acne affects a numerous amount of teens in their prime. it also affects adults as well. Whether you are prone to oily skin, it's your time of the month mother nature has set in for the week, stress or any other reason, Here is what to do to help clear up the beast and send acne on its way packing.

Acne can be a monster and just as hospitals use Alcohol, I have found it to be the number one cleaner for your face. Olay alcohol free daily facial express  is a more gentler approach if you cannot use alcohol. However, Acne will be resolved by keeping your clean on a daily basis. This will help keep the acne away if used daily.

I prefer to wash my face several time per day. If you wear make-up, then you will want to wash more often. Olay Cleansing cloths will remove your make-up and also lift away the days oils and dirt that can cause acne to surface. Acne is a build up of dirt and oil that clogs your pores.Olay Facial Express is gentle enough to use around your eyes, face and neck, just don't get anything directly into your eyes.

You do want to keep some of the natural oils in if you are prone to dry skin, But oily skin should be cleansed more often. A good natural moisturizer that contains Vitamin E is the best to use as will help to lighten and fade any deep lines or brown spots and is excellent for stretch marks. My oldest daughter had six kids and the one thing she listened to me about was my beauty regiments. She doesn't have a stretch mark on her to this day.

Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless is a NEW product that I have found to be a great choice for many women who are concerned with keeping their skin looking young. It is a serum primer that when used along with Simply Ageless foundation will give almost immediate results for a facelift effect without spending the money for a facelift. It helps to firm the skin like a canvas for a painting, so that you can apply your paint(make-up) with a beautiful ageless finish.

Note: (I have linked to full pages in Amazon to help you shop more efficiently. Later, I may just spotlight certain products rather than whole pages).

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