Wednesday, October 13, 2010

  Beauty is skin deep. Beauty comes from within, Grow old gracefully. These are just a few old  cliches and they may have a point, yet not everyone who is growing old wants to look the part. There are alternatives to this that can slow down the aging process and even make you look younger than you are. With all the hype in the media about botched plastic surgery's, even well known celebrities are looking for alternatives to the needle and knife.

  There are at least 5 ingredients that show a positive effect on aging skin. These are Antioxants, Retinol, Niacinamide, Glycolic Acid and Peptides. This may sound technical to some who are not familiar with the Jordon. However, is it simply explained.
 Antioxants work against the damages of the Sun, pollution, cigarette smoke and Alcohol that produce harmful free radicals that can damage your skin. Most people are aware the effect the Sun have on the skin and that it can cause skin cancer or sun poisoning if not protected. It is also well know to cause damage- which is one reason for going green. However, did you know that smoking cigarette narrows the blood vessels just below the surface of the skin and make it very difficult for oxygen and nutrients to reach the skin cells.

  These cells work together with the Dermis which is the lower layer of the skin. There you will find Fibroblast which is a connective tissue cell that makes and secretes collagen proteins which are used to maintain a structural framework for many tissues and play an important role in healing wounds.Collagen is the protein that supports skins youthful appearance.

 In addition, smoking also damages to narrowing the blood vessels, it also damages the skin collagen and causes fine lines around the mouth because smokers purse their lips around the cigarette. Alcohol has dehydrating impact on the cells which dries out the skin. That's why people are extremely thirsty the day after they have consumed a lot of alcohol.

 Retinol- An exfoliation which removes dead skin cells. It has Vitamin A which penetrates the skin, speeds cell turnover, reduces lines and evens skin color. Even 1% of Retinol found in over the counter can improve skin tone and lines after 12 weeks.

 Niacinmide- this is a antitoxidantwhich guards against UV sunlight. Proctor & Gamble has a 5% cream that evens tone, increases skin elasticity and improves the appearance of wrinkles after 12 weeks.

 Peptides- A collagen that provides strength and flexibility. As we age, collagen declines which causes wrinkles and sagging. Copper Peptides promote youthful skin and is a powerful antioxidant known for healing wounds.

 Glycolic Acid- Alpha hydroxy acids that peel away dead skin cells that sit on the surface of the skin. Glycolic acid is made from cane sugar and is most effective in the fruit acids

  Tip:  Apples and Apricot pulp contains acid that removes excess oils from skin. (mash the pulp, apply to clean face and leave on for a while, then rinse with warm water.

Stay tuned for more beauty secrets to come....


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