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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Face Painting and Costume Special Edition

I have gathered some fantastic Halloween face painting videos for you that will teach you step by step how to apply the make-up and make YOU the life or (living dead) of the party! Have fun with this and bookmark this site for all my beauty secrets and tips.

Angie  (known as goldiestarling)has made many step by step make-up videos and won numerous contest for her creative ideas. I am definitely a number one fan. She makes it so easy to do. If you don't care for the music in the background, just turn it off and watch how she applies the makeup. However, she usually has great tips to share. Check out all her videos and others on Youtube. The links below will take you directly to a few of my favorites. Use your imagination and come up with some of your own by using a mix of videos to help you get those juices flowing.

Lip Art is becoming ever so popular that I just had to add it to this special edition for you. Chek it out. Its easy to do and very cool. The first few links are videos to introduce you to lip art for your interest and to stimulate your own imagination. Next are some step by step instructional videos for you to try.

Slideshow Videos to introduce Lipart

Some step by step how to's on Lip Art

Snake lips

Jeweled Lips

Glitter Jeweled lips

Now for some great  eye art videos

Halloween Makeup Ideas

"Go Wild By Focusing On Your Eyes!"

Halloween makeup ideas should be fun and simple to do at the same time. It’s a time to get creative with makeup – one day out of the year where anything goes.
You’ll be amazed at what you can actually do with your ordinary cosmetics just by thinking outside of the box!

Emphasize With Color

    The easiest way to alter your look with makeup is to focus on your eyes. That’s because we naturally tend to look at another person’s eyes first. Eye makeup pencils such as eyeliners and eyeshadow crayons make doing looks for Halloween a breeze. Try a colorful look first. When you've mastered it delve into dark mysterious looks.

Easy Halloween Makeup

1. Start by applying a makeup primer to your face. It will help the shadows go on smoother, adhere better and last longer.
2. Then put on foundation one shade lighter than you normally wear. You can also use it on your lips if you are going for a "lighter than nude" look. Powder your face lightly to set.
3. Use an eye shadow base or an oil-free foundation in the eye area.
4. Apply a dark color of eyeshadow in a design as your base but don’t worry about getting definition at this point.
5. To draw your design use dark colors of eyeliner pencils. Wet ‘n Wild usually has a good selection of darker pencils.
6. If you want a design similar to the model above then apply the dark color on your eyelid almost all the way up to your eyebrows. Apply the same color below your eyes.
7. Take a purple pencil and a lighter violet pencil and begin drawing strokes from the outer corner of your eye downwards. Alternate the colors. If you find that they are smearing you can touch them up with a cotton swab.
8. Apply a thin coat of black eyeliner. Try the easy eyeliner method.
9. Top with a coat of black mascara for longer eyelashes.
10. Finish off the look with shimmer highlighter on your temples, chin and the bridge of your nose.

Dark Halloween Look

 When you've tried the above look then it's time to try some dark Halloween makeup ideas.
It's just as easy to do. The only difference is that you substitute a pewter, deep gray or black eyeshadow for the colorful ones you used above.
The steps are the same but use a black eyeliner pencil in place of the purple and violet ones. White eyeshadow can be used to create the look of tears. Top with long black spiky false eyelashes.
Vampire makeup can be applied to create a scary look or a trendy Goth look. The basic look of a vampire should be pale, dramatic, and intense. A vampire will not have healthy skin tone in their face or a tan. No matter what you look like now, you can create the look of the blood-sucking un-dead with basic cosmetics from the local drugstore. Add a scraggly wig and some black clothing to complete the look

Things You'll Need:

  • Dark brown eyebrow pencil
  • Pale liquid foundation or white costume makeup
  • Pale face powder
  • Blood red lipstick
  • Black liquid eyeliner
  • Black mascara
  • Plum eyeshadow
  • Fake gel blood make up
  • Spirit glue
  • Tiny plastic spiders
  • Cover the entire face in the whitest make up you can find. Use either costume makeup that is pure white or use a liquid foundation in ivory. Blend the makeup well over the entire face, the ears if they will be visible and the neck. For a plunging neckline, also apply the make up to the upper chest.

  • Re-shape the eyebrows into an un-natural looking arch. Make as much of an arch as you can using a dark brown eye pencil.

  • Start at the bridge of the nose and draw the line in an upward direction. Make the arch the focal point. For thin eyebrows, consider covering the bottom of the natural brow line with make up and penciling in the brows

  • Dab a tiny bit of spirit glue to the outer edge of the eyebrow, far away from the eye. Attach a miniature plastic spider to the spirit glue. Add one or two more spiders to the face if you like the way it looks. Let the spirit glue dry. Spirit glue is an adhesive used to apply theatrical make up

  • Apply the liquid black eyeliner to the top and the bottom of the eyes and let it dry. Draw a line from the inside corner of the top lid slightly down the bridge of the nose. After it dries, draw a line from that line back to the bottom corner of the eye. This forms a dramatic recess for the vampire make up. Do the same on the other eye

  • Outline the lips with black eyeliner or dark lip pencil. Fill in the lips with blood-red lipstick. Apply the fake blood gel in drops on the one corner of the lower lip.

  • Coat the entire face with a layer of white finishing powder. Use a small brush to cover the dried spirit glue with powder to make the spider seem more realistic.


    Vampire makeup and outfits have become a staple to Halloween costumes. The idea was to look as scary and dangerous as you could without actually frightening anyone. Recently though, the vampire look has been overhauled. Gone are the scary looks and ugly fanged teeth. Now, the vampire and vampiress are more human looking than before and maybe even a little sexy Goth. You can buy all the makeup you’ll need individually and inexpensively for your perfect vampiress costume.

    Things You'll Need:

    • Pressed powder
    • Dark lipstick
    • Dark lip liner
    • Fake eyelashes
    • Eye shadow
    • Black eyeliner pencil
    • Fake blood
    • Apply a light layer of pressed powder. Pale flesh tone or white powder are good colors to go with. This will give you a nice pale color without the mess of face paint.

  • Put on fake eyelashes. You want your eyelashes to look full and beautiful. Apply the dark eyeliner to the bottom and upper lids

  • Use a pale shimmery eye shadow on the upper lids and a slightly darker color toward the

  •   edges of the lids.

  • Darken your eyebrows with a black eyebrow pencil. If you use the face powder on your eyebrows then you might be able to reshape your eyebrows a little with the dark pencil.

  • Use dark lipstick. Your lipstick needs to be dark but it does not have to be black. It can be a dark wine or red. You could also use a darker lip liner and then a slightly lighter lipstick.

  • Add a little fake blood to the corner of your mouth. This is optional but if applied right then it could look realistic, especially after you put custom fit vampire fangs on. These fangs are not a whole set of teeth but fit directly on two teeth only.


                                                        How to Apply Vampiress Makeup


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