Friday, October 29, 2010

Lets Talk Hair!

Hair grows at about six inches per year. Everyones hair is different. Whether it is normal to oily to dry, we all want our hair to look its best at all times as we have a predetermined mindset that our hair makes us. Its true that if your hair doesn't look good, you will not feel as confident. Just look in some girlie magazines and you will find before and after hairstyles. These were made possible by some unique products as well as the blowdryer and hair brush.

One great product that I have used off an on for quite a while is Pantene for hair. (I say off and on because its good to change up on your shampoos and conditioners for your hair every so often). Pantene has been making women beautifull for years and now they have come up with new and improved hair products to suit the needs of every hair condition.

Pantene has a newer product for color treated hair called Preserve shine, Preserve Volume and Preserve Smooth.  Preserve Shine protect coloered hair and help restore shine. Preserve Volume will help the hair achive its natural youthful fullness and Preserve Smooth will tame your hair with deep intense moisturisers.

When hair is color-treated, the natural structual level changes and its natural light reflective serface becmes uneven, thereby appearing dull over time. The Pantene Preserve Systems help create a hydrophobic layer which slows down the rate of water absorbtion so that the hair becomes more vibrant, shiny and smooth.


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