Thursday, October 14, 2010

New trends and tricks for make-up and skin care

    The modern trends today are bright reds, juicy oranges and metallic. The use of metallic in eye shadow for a smokey  eye look with golds, bronzes and silvers against the brow bone to highlight. Rich copper and golds go well with chocolate brown or aubergine. Cool  silvers are are natural with charcoal grey.
    For older women, darker shades of red can make you look older, so forget the new trends of deep red, especially with heavy shades of eye make-up on pale skin. Matte shadows would compliment your eyes better than metallic. Choose lighter shades of of lipstick as you mature. Sheer shades are great for making you look younger. Use a lip liner of the same shade. This prevents feathering into the lines around the lips.
 Foundations and powders that contain light refracting particles give skin a smooth and dewy appearance for achieving a runway or look at me look.
   TIP 1: Apples and Apricots pulp contains acids that remove excess oils  from the skin. First, mash the pulp and apply to a clean face, leave this on for a while and rinse off with warm water. (Warm or hot water opens the pores, follow with cool to cold water to close the pores.)
   TIP 2: Bee Pollen, used by many french women consist of 96 different nutrients. Sprinkle over cereal or yogurt. It contains every vitamin we know of and contains amino acids and enzymes which has anti aging properties. It also has anti-carcinogenic that helps fight against cancers.
Finally, it boosts the immune system which boosts your energy level and is a resistant against allergies.
   TIP 3: (Home remedy clay mask) To rid skin of toxins and minimise pores, combine 100% natural clay kitty litter -I know, sounds crazy, but it works- (This is the same quality believe it or not that is used in high priced spas) with enough warm water to form a paste. Spread paste on face for about 5 minutes, then rinse off and moisturize
  Tip 4: Almond Oil is great for removing eye make-up. It acts as a moisturizer to to the sensitive skin around the eyes and helps fight against wrinkles.


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