Monday, November 1, 2010

The Everlasting Foaming Mousse

Our hair often looks its best when its fuller and healthy looking. One way we get that look is by using a mousse product. I have used many of mousse products over the years, but one I have found to be be a great volume controller is Tresemme 24 hour Body Mousse. This product is used by professionals around the world to volumize and style the hair. It outlast many other products on the market today and gives your hair that extra shine.

Tressemme 24 hour body mousse was created with you in mind. It gives you the salon tested professional styling product without that salon price tag for your everyday use at home. Have you noticed that when you get a new hair cut or hair style at the salon, it always looks fantastic for the first day or so? After that, your hair never seems to get back to that perfect look. Well I can tell you that you can have that  hair style back and more with a bit of practice and the right product.

Tip: Wash and condition hair as usual and while your hair is still wet, squirt enough form in your hand to equal the size of a silver dollar, rub your hands together and apply to your hair from the roots to the ends. You may need a bit less or more depending on your hair length. (you can use mousse on dry hair to, but its better to use while your hair is slightly wet). Let dry or blow dry and style.

Hairstyles are fun and fashionable. Young or old, we like changing our haircuts or hair color at times to suit our needs or desire to have a certain look. Whether you have short or long hair, there is always a hairstyle that you will find intriguing.  Winter hairstyles are coming and you want to look your best. With the proper haircare products you can be the envy of the party. The wind can mess up the best of hairstyles, so prepare yourself with mousse and hairspray.

I recommend using a great smelling hairspray that will last. There is nothing worst than the smell of a strong unpleasant odor of hairspray. Try one in a light watermelon or coconut scent like the beach. Never leave hairspray in overnight or into the next day. Some say not to wash your hair everyday to keep the oils in your hair, yet if you have used a strong smelling spray, then washing is a must. Try an unscented hairspray if you are uncertain. A spritz of  a light scented fragrance can leave your hair smelling fresh. Braids are great for any occasion and can look very stylish and classy with the right hairstyle.


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