Sunday, October 3, 2010

Where did Max Factor Go?

Have you been wondering what happened to Max Factor? I have used their foundation for years. It was one of the best products on the market used by many of the top models in the world, so where did it go? I did some research on this after going shopping for a Max Factor pan stick foundation, one of my favorites and the store had recently been remodeled, so I just thought they moved it on me. Some stores that rearrange items just when you are use to knowing exactly where it is. I was shocked to learn they were not selling the Max Factor product, nor was any other store around. I searched, had friends search, yet no Max Factor products were found anywhere near where I live. I got on line, almost frantic. I searched other cities near and far, but nothing. At first I thought, there had to be a problem , but what possibly be the problem with Max Factor. It has a great reputation for being one of the leading cosmetics. Finally, I contacted Max Factor online and got a contact number. I called and spoke to a representative of Max Factor who was very courteous and helpful. She informed me that I could still buy my tried and true Max Factor products online at She also let me know that it was up to the retailers to purchase Max Factor for their stores. All I could think of is when I went shopping and the price of the foundations of other companies were rising while Max Factor was still priced reasonable. My thought on this was that the stores were making more off these other companies than the Max Factor products. One shopper, acknowledging my concerns told me they were pushing another famous cosmetic product.

  I recently read about how Wallmart was in competition with the dollar stores because with the economy being in an uproar, the dollar stores were actually making more money in the long run. People were spending less money by shopping at the dollar stores and saving more. Wallmart partnered with another company is making more compact items like a five pack of outside garbage bags at a lesser price to last a month so thatpeople will buy them, thus bringing more people into their stores to shop.

 Well, hey Wallmart, let me just say that taking our less expensive well known beauty products off the shelves is not helping your credibility with the community. I suggest you add Max Factor back to your inventory to make these Max Factor obsessed like me happy. Bring our foundation back!

 Max Factor foundation comes in just right shade for your skin tone, such as light, to medium and medium beige, to deep olive. It glides on smooth and silky. It is one of the best foundations in the world for covering up blemishes, brown spots, freckles, and not only that, it actually helps clear up blemishes. It doesn't clog your pores like some other foundations. Its conceals most scars and is well know for being the one of the n for photo shoots. best foundationThat's right! It dries them up and after a few days or so, they are gone. (you have to keep your face clean with alcohol or stridex pads too) Make sure you always remove makeup at night before bed.