About Me

 I graduated in 1991 in Professional Modeling and at the same time earning a college degree in Film and Television in which I also received a degree. In college, I studied drama and creative writing as part of my credits towards my degree. Thus, helping me to realize my love for writing which led me to writing blogs. (I also took a course in fitness and exercise)

 I also took a computer programing course to help me learn about computers. I learn more everyday that I get on my computer by researching information. Now I can share this information with you.

 I've interned at local tv stations and have helped with several local commercials, even worked as a production assistant through a production company and was an principle actress in a made for tv movie. I took Tae Kwon Do which helps keep the body fit and the mind clear- it also teaches patience.

 Heres where the real learning comes in: My mother taught me about skin care and with three girls of my own, I passed down the art of make-up and skin care. The make-up part, I learned mostly on my own and some at beauty school. I hope to teach you the art of make-up as well.


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